Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Change the record it's a Magic the Gathering art column.

What do Reality Twist, Verduran Emissary and Look at me I'm the DCI have in common?

"No it isn't that they could be fun in a Bant deck."

The answer is they are one shot magic the gathering artist cards. Yes everyone has that Magic the Gathering artist they love be it Rebecca Guay, John Avon or Aleksi Briclot but for every artist that has contributed numerous pieces of art to the game there are those who have just provided one bit of art for one card.

I thought it would be nice to explore this area for a bit of fun. In total there are 25 MtG cards that have a unique artist so let's dive in chronologically with:

Fay Jones is the artist of Stasis and was asked to do the piece as a favour to Richard Garfield in the very first Magic the Gathering set. Unique with the abstract choice of a clown and Jackal balancing on a seesaw wile painting. Some like this others hate it but for me it is as iconic as you can get with Magic card art. Also the card is a pain in the ass when you get locked down in a game.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Goff Orks on the move!

Been a while since our last meeting explorer ... but as the wintry nights begin to get lighter I have been painting up more of my 2nd Edition Orks. You may even have seen an early progress image in a previous post. All of these orks have had some form of  historical yet innocent damage in there lifetime. Normally this could be an issue but these monopose Goffs are in need of a little bit of character. Alas due to it being a bit grim outside I am without decent natural light so these images may not be the best. (Note to self to update with better photos).

"It's still cold up ere!"

This here is Hobstob, he lost his normal bolt pistol arm (it's probably in my bits box) so it was replaced with a normal ork arm and bolt pistol from the old sprue you used to be able to get.

Monday, 18 December 2017

An Ork renegade to keep us going.

It's been a quiet month or so from a hobby point of view, build up to Christmas and other activities have left little time to paint up the remaining Heroquest models or to add to my Ork horde or even get a game in that I can show here.

What I will do is just spotlight this fine model that caught my eye after looking at White dwarf 112.

An Ork Renegade from the Rogue Trader era, armed with a power fist and chainsword. For an ork he is quite conventional and serious looking. Hopefully one day I might find one to purchase, but in the meantime I'll try and get some more blog posts up on here.


Friday, 24 November 2017

Clad in plate of steel, the Chaos Warriors (Heroquest)

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about something we can all relate to, something that is unquestionably, inescapably… Chaos!

I am referring, of course, to our great national pastime - merciless combat. Or so it had been. That's right, wasteland dwellers. Before we were devastated by heroic deeds, each lair had its OWN professional combat team. Imagine, a perfect, rain soaked day. The sun is enveloped by darkness and misery. And on the horizon, they appear, like knights of yore, armed with axes of hate and malice.

"Erm, guys the camera is this way!"

Their name? The Chaos Warriors. Their purpose? To make you, dear reader, revel in the joys of savagery and blood, if only for an afternoon.